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doubler n : an electronic device that doubles the voltage or the frequency of an input signal

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  1. One who doubles



From duplare.


  1. to double, duplicate
    A cet instant précis, il a décidé de doubler la mise.
  2. to double-cross
    Nous avons été doublé ce coup-ci.
  3. to overtake, pass
    Sur l'autoroute, nous avons eu l'occasion de doubler de nombreux véhicules.
  4. to dub
    Daniel Beretta qui double Arnold Schwarzenegger en français depuis 1987 a également prêté sa voix à l'agent Sam Fisher.


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A teleconverter is a secondary lens which is mounted between the camera and a photographic lens. Its job is to enlarge the central part of an image obtained by the objective lens. For example a 2× teleconverter enlarges the central 12×18 mm part of an image to the size of 24×36 mm. Teleconverters are typically made in 1.4×, 2× and 3× models.
The use of a 2× teleconverter (or doubler) gives the effect of using lens with twice the focal length. It also decreases the intensity of the light reaching the film by the factor of 4 (an equivalent of doubling the focal ratio) as well as the resolution (by the factor of 2).
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